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Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions for services effective from March 2020:

All bookings, either confirmed or pending are subject to Hart’s Canine Care terms and conditions. (*Please note T&C’S may be amended periodically, whilst I will try to let customers know of changes ‘I’ am under no obligation to keep Individuals updated.) 

Signing of the Dog Service Agreement constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions in force each time you use Hart’s Canine Care. The Terms and Conditions set out an agreement betweenyou’ the pet owner and Hart’s Canine Care ‘the service

 Dog Walking – owner responsibilities


  1.  The owner or guardian must provide all items necessary for the pets to be adequately cared for in the owners absence ( i.e.  collars, leads, food etc)
  2. All dogs must wear a collar with ID tag on in a public space this is a legal requirement and Insurance requirement with my policy provider. Dogs are also required by law to be microchipped and their details up to date with the chipping company.
  3. The owner/ guardian must provide Hart’s Canine Care with the name and contact number of someone capable of making a decision relating to the pet (s) needs in an emergency. If the contact is not available Hart’s Canine care reserves the right to consult with a Veterinary surgeon and then decide which course of action is in the best interests of the animal (s).
  4. Fences should be in good repair to avoid escape should the dog be on restricted exercise in the garden area. Hart’s Canine Care reserve the right to keep the dog (s) on a lead if the area is deemed a risk.
  5. The owner/ guardian agree to sign a separate veterinary treatment consent release form in the event of the dog or pet needing treatment while in the care of Hart’s Canine Care. This is due to GDPR regulations.

Health and welfare for dogs & pet visits

  1. All dogs being exercised in public places must be vaccinated or have a current Titre test from a Veterinary surgeon with the dogs current Immunity vaccine status stamped on the relevant paperwork (* only exemption from a veterinary surgeon for a medical reason will be accepted as a clause in this T&C).
  2. Owners must notify Hart’s Canine care if Their bitch is in heat so alternative exercise can be arranged for the duration of the season.
  3. Hart’s Canine Care dog walking services are 1-1 based; except in multi dog households where two compatible dogs can be walked together. 

Dogs with nervous or behavioural problems will be walked separately under the solo walks service.

Hart’s Canine Care are a force free dog walker/ trainer and as such ‘I’ will not permit the use of harsh equipment or handling whilst the dog is in ‘my’ care or attending a training lesson with me.

This includes NO use of:

 choke chain collars, prong collars, or electric/ spray collars. 

Harnesses are preferable if the dog will not walk on a loose lead wearing a normal collar * To avoid damage to the sensitive structures in the neck/spine, throat area and avoid crushing of the windpipe and pressure that can cause damage the eye nerves.

*Hart’s Canine Care must be informed of any behavioural changes before the next scheduled visit however insignificant you deem it to be. Hart’s Canine Care reserve the right to cancel or postpone the visit until the situation is properly assessed if any aggression is displayed and Veterinary advice sought if necessary, payable by client.

No client’s dogs will be exercised off lead in public areas whilst in the care of Hart’s Canine Care. Appropriate equipment will be used for freedom in suitable areas No flexi leads

Dogs may be exercised off lead in a safe enclosed area with signed consent from the owner or guardian.

While all of Hart’s Canine Care best efforts will be made to keep your dog (s) safe, the client agrees to release Hart’s Canine Care from any liability for incidents during care and whilst in transit, unless proven to be negligent at the time of incident.

Health and safety

  1. Hart’s Canine Care reserve the right to ask owner/ guardians to have suitable control of their dogs whilst attending a consultation or upon entering a property. 
  2. In the absence of the owner (dog walking service) the dog should be contained in a suitable area to avoid escape on ‘our’ entering and leaving the property or cause Injury to ‘me’  
  3. In the event of Hart’s Canine Care having to rearrange appointments to seek personal medical help or due to Injury to a dog or person I reserve the right to ask for additional payment for time lost in earnings and damage to work clothing.
  4. Please inform us if any pets have any sickness and Diarrhoea bugs so that it is not spread to other dogs public places and I can take suitable precautions for hygiene cleaning up after the sick pet.

Extreme weather policy

In the event of extreme weather conditions listed below Hart’s Canine Care reserve the right to cut short walks for the safety and comfort of your dogs

Hail, Snow, Black ice, High winds, Extreme Hot weather.

Payment, postponement & Cancellation policies

  1. Payment is required up front upon booking. Payment can be made in cash or Bank transfer (no cheques).

Payment by bank transfer must be cleared before the service is provided.

2. A minimum period of 48 Hours Notice is required for each day of cancellation, or  postponement of a single walk or training session


3. In the event of Hart’s Canine Care being unable to fulfil the appointment because of unforeseen emergencies or illness, booked services will be rescheduled where possible and payments credited for the next service date.

4. A receipt of payment can be provided on request by Hart’s canine care as proof of a service provided

5. Termination of service required in writing with one week’s notice from either party and keys will be returned to client 

‘I the customer’ have read, understood and accept the above terms and conditions as laid out on the website

I the customer’ agree to abide by the terms and conditions of Hart’s Canine care and agree to be provided with a typed copy of the terms and conditions to be signed at the consultation or meet and greet before the services are started.

Failure to agree to the terms and conditions will mean that no service will be provided.

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